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“You can have brilliant ideas,

but if you can't get them across,

your ideas won't get you anywhere.”

-Lee Iacocca

A business can do great work, but it won’t succeed if its message is unclear or unheard. It has to effectively communicate with customers, referral sources, the media and other target audiences. Public relations is the management of that communication.

Caryn Sagal PR, LLC provides award-winning public relations services to clients in the health & fitness, non-profit, lifestyle & entertainment, retail & hospitality, real estate & design and professional services industries, and everything in between. The boutique firm specializes in getting individuals and organizations in the news, building brand awareness and connecting with key stakeholders. While we are based in the Baltimore-Washington area, our reach is national.

Whether you are a new or seasoned entity, are launching a program or celebrating a milestone, or simply need fresh thinking and media connections, we have the expertise you need!