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Spreading the Lifesaving
Message for ECAN

Esophageal Cancer is one of the world’s fastest growing cancer diagnoses. One American dies of esophageal cancer every 36 minutes and the type of Esophageal Cancer increasing so rapidly in the United States is usually caused by reflux disease, a condition that often produces heartburn and other symptoms.

The national nonprofit, ECAN (Esophageal Cancer Action Network) needed assistance in educating Americans about the link between heartburn and cancer.

Conducted national publicity campaigns:

  • During Esophageal Cancer and GERD Awareness Months,
  • When President Obama was diagnosed with reflux disease, and
  • In conjunction with special events throughout the country that raised awareness and funds for ECAN.
  • Physicians and ECAN officials appeared on broadcast health segments and public affairs shows nationwide.
  • Families affected by the disease were featured in print and broadcast media.
  • Public service announcements aired throughout the country.






La Femme de Prose

Scoring a Touchdown
for Jack Gilden

Collision of Wills profiles the previously unknown rivalry between two football legends against the backdrop of troubled American times. First-time author, Jack Gilden was unknown with no proven track record. To meet or exceed sales goals, we needed to create demand among sports fans and book lovers alike.

Media relations campaigns – before and after the book’s official release – introduced Jack Gilden and his work to sports and literary journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and podcasters.

  • The first printing was sold out within two months of its October release date.
  • A second printing was 90 percent sold out by the end of December.
  • Top 10,000 ranking on Amazon five times.
  • Reached #4 book in Amazon’s history of sports Best Sellers in Kindle and #7 in hardback.
  • The book has sold in 90 out of Amazon’s 100 American geographic areas.
  • Consistently ranked among national leaders in history of sports books.
  • Named to several Best Sellers lists.
  • Named “One of the Best Sports Books of the Year” by Biblio.
  • “Best Sports Book of 2018” by Pressbox.
  • “Sleeper Book of the Season” by Peter King who highlighted the book on his podcast and Football Morning in America online column for NBC Sports.





America’s preeminent football writer, NBC Sports’ Peter King interviews Jack Gilden among “authors of good NFL books for the holiday season."

Going “Over the Edge”
to Fight Kidney Disease!

The National Kidney Foundation Serving Maryland and Delaware (NKFMDDE) sought to attract new supporters through an adventurous event, Rappel for Kidney Health. Initially, the Foundation needed to create buzz for this new event. For the next nine years, it was about maintaining momentum.

  • Pitched interviews with NKFMDDE officials, as well as Rappel participants with connections to kidney disease.
  • Secured and coordinated print, broadcast and digital media sponsorships.
  • Recruited media personalities and other celebrity participants.
  • Numerous print features, including several cover stories appeared throughout Maryland.
  • One particular story about in the Herald Mail about a kidney donor rappelling led to a $1,000 donation to the Foundation.
  • TV and radio stations provided consistent public affairs coverage.
  • Consistent public affairs coverage with NKFMDDE officials aired on radio and TV.
  • Widespread event-day coverage appeared in print, broadcast and digital media with photos and video footage shot from the roof and the ground.
  • Rappel for Kidney Health has attracted 720 participants and raised over $780,000 to support NKFMDDE’s local patient services, education and research efforts.